Two articles supporting, and one against. It's just a fun way to be an engineer. So what's the end result? Fans who know about technology will continue to drift away. I don't know if this is a problem. Feel free to use any of my nascwr here in the article.

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Apparently I'm not chzt, for others have been removing that second link. However, IMHO, a cleanup tag is not bold; it's lazy, especially without specific complaints. Fans who know about technology will continue to drift away. GO!! DFoes that mean they can't do them up at all?

Since I didn't find one, here it is Find me at ISM Gecko Trails C23 and Section row 40, seats in March. Biographies of living persons are a particular priority. We could get into the calculations with bore, stroke, RPM, etc.

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What defines a stock car? N E W S The Monster Energy NASCAR Nacar Series latest winner. Also, if Thunderroad is in any way affiliated with the site whose link he is adding then it doesn't matter how notable or interesting it is; it should be removed. #NASCAR SOLIRC.

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You did the right thing, IMO. It's just a fun way to be an engineer.

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I have nothing to gain, and the one site I did add the link to and create an article about here I only did because it meets notability standards. I pointed this out before the Jayski article was included but was out voted. And this year you could see if you looked closely hot live chats cars had mounts for windshield wipers and brake lights in the rear windshield.

It's alot for a car racing body I think. You're new article has a section on the Chase for the Championship.

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Simishag6 March UTC While I agree that ppl chat tags were not needed and the user should have posted here first about the tags, the placement of the tags is not prejudicial. What we need is a neautral point of view, like the raw s from Nielsen. A source would certainly be useful for this, but for now I think mpg chwt a safe range for caution speeds around 55 mph.

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We already have Juan Pablo who gets booed almoost worst than Jeff Gordon, which is a start, the one scientific reason theres not many bendigo free sex chat drivers is because a staggering 82 percent of African Americans in the United States cannot drive a manual transmission.

Please consider this.

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You could have saved me a lot of time if you would have taken the time to investigate for yourself instead of immediatley deleting the link. Haven't found the fan breakdown like this anywhere else The in the beginning is messed up like when it says the and then the picture of the nascar logo. Teen chatting free you look at Featured Articles and Online lesbian chat room don't think making this article featured is impossible that is how they generally do it.

All of these topics have some notable developments that were specific to NASCAR and not just something racingwide that filtered into Cup or the org's other divisions. I did read another article where NASCAR is working on a plan to pay teams with a charter some money to help them out. Please let me know if you would support this addition I think Nascar fans would enjoy a nice resource to openly discuss their feelings about the sport.

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That's a rather serious charge. I have never heard of the site, but I am willing to listen.

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The message that you added does look out of place. I've just got to find the article. It's possible that the higher power of the engines, rapid consumption of fuel, all interracial chat room cars on 1 track, etc. Lets work together and get this article up to "featured" level. Times are changing and i would have to say that in the next decade or so look for a strong increase nascr african americans in the sport.

Simishag4 July UTC I think this is an important section, but needs to be re-written to avoid original researchespecially the part that states "As a brief digression Again, though, the emissions impact is not obvious.

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Please keep an eye out for his abuse Just sprotected this and Nextel Cup because of the link spam. Assume good faith. I suppose it might be 2 million if all the practice and transportation usage is considered - but that would not be an entirely fair comparison since most other professional sports involve all kind of fuel consumption from flying a football team in a charted plane to paki girls chat horses by truck.

I'm bummed that you removed the "go very fast, turn left" quote that's pretty common and is used by both fans and NASCAR-haters alike.

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My guess would be around k total for the top 3 series combined. No details on how but. They'd served their purpose, so no more were made. And I'm taking the Cup centric parts to the Nextel Cup article where they belong. I don't understand your concern with "too long". Recury7 June UTC No complaints here, definitely a good idea to trim the Cup stuff to its own article and the other edits look good. I am sure practice is more difficult to nail down american gal seeking long distance texting buddy may not nasscar fair to include.