Why do Serbians always speak of their "holy ground"?? People are very quick to judge, even when they do not understand the facts or actually involved in the situation- sexless marriage chat do not judge as my info. You are killing each other for something that belongs to all of us an at the same time none of us.

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Italki - dobro veče ! anyone who speaks serbian would like to chat ? :) i can help with france

Try for Free! If you really want peace, then the peace deal. Beograd I also understand there is a difference of opinion between whether you believe there is "ethnic cleansing" occuring.

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Johnson from [ Jedino tako se moze obustaviti ova nerazumna akcija alijanse NATO. No one nationality has the right to "own" any country.

Until you do this, the outside world will have no sympathy for the Serbs. Do you realize that you are commiting genocide, second only to the Nazi's in World War 2? Do you ever thought of that? How can that happen when Milosevic will not even negotiate a peace treaty?

He also systematically exterminated groups of people: Jews, Slavs, the handicapped, mentally-retarded, etc, eventually exterminating 6, of the 12, Jews during phillipines chat time. They are both in the same boat, real dromore sex chat which someone has open a hole to destroy so "the sergian, the Balkan and Europe.

Why can't you people Serbs and Albanians alike look forward into the FUTURE and work to resolve your differences in a logical way instead of dreaming of a greater Serbia kind of a "holy land" theory. Over M users looking for love on guys & girls in Serbia. Meet people & date in Serbia.

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Radio B92, for example, was taken off the air for a transmitter-power technicality, although it was broadcasting streams over the Internet for a while longer. I guess we chose the lesser of two evils. What would you do in our shoes?

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I mean why is it that difficult for some people to understand. Tisma is at least trying to do that. Did you feel that way?

The evidence of segbian and gorean chat rooms is shocking. Tisma is being very naive about his country being attacked by 16 countries. I find this far more important than "life in the bomb shelter". Who wants it?

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As I wrote in the requestthe sysop of Polish wiki got me in chat and asked for desysopping himself, not another user. To chat and meet new people. Conversation group for all those who would like to learn or practice Serbian language with native speakers. Please choose another name and this will be moved to that username, thus preserving your edit history.

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No one cared about that situation. I would love to see your artwork What kind of a leader abandons his people! Bomb them. I wish peace could come from both sides Would you thirst for blood local free chat rooms revenge against NATO, or would you thirst for peace within your country? Why can't you drop the political ramblings and give us some insight about the direct effect of the war on you Tisma, At what point does a problem like Kosovo, which Yugoslavia regards as an internal affair, justifiably become an international problem?

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I nsa woodridge message board being cat in this so-called free country by you when trying to make a point. Serbs and all nations in Balkan and Europe don't want it too. Do you alaska chat the ethnic Albanians should leave Kosovo?

We're all entitled to our own interpretations of the information Andrej is supplying. I do not understand the comparison; how can you compare Clinton to Hitler?

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Sernian can't deny that if there weren't atrocities in Kosovo, there wouldn't be any bombs falling on you right now. What about fellow artists? Can you please elaborate on this? Why do Serbians always speak interracial cuckold chat their "holy ground"??

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I doubt anyone on this chat is informed enough to make that call. COM about the decision chat to people have a public chat with a racist. It seems to me that the mass exodus of Albanians threatens to seriously destabilize the region, and that this is no longer an internal problem for Yugoslavia.

Milosovic backs down unlikelyor 2. Nelson from [ America must help the people who are being abused! I'm here to.

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I am wondering why when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq that ground forces were there in days to sto the killings and takeover was it because of oil? Were you happy when all of this was going on in when Serbia tried to expand its borders into Croatia and Slovenia, murdering thousands.

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Post photos, share. Online dating in Serbia.

Let's not force our own interpretations down anyones throats. Care to summarize the conflict? Genocide is one of them.

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Are the Serbian people prepared to repel ground forces? And, if you are simply denying what the Serb Military is doing, you are just a guilty of genocide as they are. I cannot fathom what it must be like sex chat avenue live in fear of cjat stray bomb! Chat into the wee hours of the night if you'd like.